On our nursery we grow and sell perennial plants, ornamental grasses, ferns, garden orchids, herbs, bamboos and bulbs.

We specialize in delimited garden concepts that create a specific atmosphere or provide solutions for the most difficult places.

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Recent News

Open doors

Our open doors are set every 3rd weekend of September, 10-18h.

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Our catalog

Our catalog gets published every your around mid-September. As a private person you can buy it in 2 different ways...

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New plant varieties are introduced every year. These are often improvements of existing cultivars. Every year we choose about 200 to 300 new varieties to replace others.

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Discover our own selections (JS®).

Our selection work is a hobby of Jan Spruyt that went a bit out of control. His new cultivars are a great addition because they are selected by long, rigorous and critical observation of existing cultivars. You can find them in our catalog by the addition of 'JS®' in the botanical name.

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